Top 10 Stupidly Amazing Houses to Rent on Airbnb

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Travel is usually about the journey... but not this time.

Spend a night in a castle, plane, tipi or igloo - the world is your oyster and so are the crazy accommodation options on Airbnb. Check out our list of the top 10 most wacky places to stay in the world:

 10. Camping Pod


 Where: North Yorkshire, UK

 Perfect for: People who are "frienemies" with camping getaways.

Why so special? Chill out in one of 10 timber camping pods. These pods can hold up to five people (if you can believe it) and offer all the usual amenities of a campsite. The best part is – you don’t have to put up a tent!

 9. Artistic Dream House

glass 2


Where: Florianopolis, Brazil

Perfect for: Colour, Nature, Recycling and Art Lovers

Why so special?  This place screams Gauldi and Catalan styles of architecture - weird and surreal. Both mysterious and magical, the owner of this house claims it is “a kingdom filled with colourful and playful art and life”. Colourful bottles and stain glass windows bring you close to Brazil's surrounding natural environment without ever having to leave the comfort of this home.

8. Tree House



Where: Kilauea, Hawaii

Perfect for: Kids trapped in an adult’s body

Why so special? Built upon a mound of ancient lava on the edge of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, this is a one of a kind tree-house in an astounding location. Surrounded by dense Hawaiian forest there could be no better way to explore this incredible location than by foot. Hike by day, then come home to an outdoor shower or choose to take a soak in the outdoor hot tub.

7.Island Living



Where: Somewhere off the coast of Fiji

Perfect for: Private people with a lot of cash

Why so special? Because you have your own freaking island!!!

6. Choo-choo life


train 2

Where: Virginia, USA

Perfect for: Train enthusiasts

Why so special? Bunker down in a tiny train caboose in the heart of Virginia. Around the corner from the Natural Bridge, this restored train carriage, originally from 1926, is perfect for a quirky overnight stay you will "choooo-se" to never forget.

5. Air Force Hotel




Where: Teuge, Netherlands

Perfect for: People afraid of flying

Why so special? Stay grounded in this 1960’s Ilyushin 18 airplane. Totally restored and fitted out with the finest extravagances from the fully equipped cockpit to the luxurious infrared sauna and mini bar, this is your chance to pilot your very plane for a night.

4. Chill Out House



Where: Kitaa, Greenland

Perfect for: people wanting to escape the summer heat

Why so special? Perched on the edge of a mighty fjord, this igloo accommodation is not for the fainthearted.  Designed with the Eskimo igloo-style in mind these structures are built with aluminium keeping the cold out and the cosiness in. By day, explore the surroundings of Disko Bay, by night snuggle into a warm bed after a hot shower in your little igloo getaway.

3. Tipi times


Where: Meitar, Israel

Perfect for: Those seeking a change of scenery

Why so special? Standing beside an ancient ruin from the Jewish period, this dessert farmland has much to offer the inquisitive adventurer who loves a little history. Take a stroll by the stream or simply take in the vast surroundings of this incredible desert space before climbing into your tipi at bedtime.

2. Seashell House



Where: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Perfect for: Mermaids, crustaceans and beach bums

Why so special? Be the queen of the sea in this exotic creation. Specifically designed for those who want to escape the hectic party scene of Cancun and enjoy life's simpler pleasures (mainly seashells and the ocean), this conch themed playhouse is a water-lovers delight! (nb: Not suggested for those who struggle to keep their whites clean.)

1. King of the Castle:



castle 3

Where: South Stainmore, United Kingdom

Perfect for: Kings, Queens and Money Making Jesters

Why so special? For a mere few thousand dollars, who wouldn't want to take over a castle for the day with 30 for their closest friends? This 1840’s Victorian style castle will even give Queen Lizzie a run for her money. Surrounded by 15 acres of green, English countryside and just around the corner from the Lakes District, you truly can’t get more English than this abode.


Wowee, what a list! Who's buying a plane ticket and where are you going? Or have you stayed somewhere else truly exceptional and totally wacky? Drop us a line while we pack our bags...

All images sourced from the wonderful world of Airbnb

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