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Our favourite Mummy teaches us all the tricks of the toddler travelling trade... 

If you didn't already know - travelling with toddlers is hard! Just ask, Cheree, the blogger behind parenting super blog/bible Oh So Busy Mum. Mum of four, she has travelled around the United States, Fuji, Thailand and Bali, with her little ones smiling all the way. So we just had to ask - how does she do it?

1. Be prepared!


Travelling with toddlers can be stressful and unpredictable. Make sure you have hired car seats with your hire car or organised transfers with car seats. It's one of the things people forget to organise prior to travelling and assume the transfer company or car hire will already have seats installed.

2. Allow extra time on your itinerary for extra stops.


If you are flying long haul, add a stopover to let them stretch their legs and have a change of scenery.  I like to add a few extra days to my trip if travelling with my toddler. I found I was going back to the hotel room more for her to nap or waiting until she woke up before doing anything. Adding extra days can release some of the pressure of being rushed or running out of time.

3. Pack double the amount of nappies, clothes and food you would normally use.



Write a list of what your toddler would normally use and eat in 1 day and double it. Seems extreme? Not at all. Delays do happen when travelling and you wouldn't want to run out and be without necessary items stuck in an airport. If you are travelling overseas, remember they stock different brands of nappies and foods and the quality can differ from our Australian brands. Because of this I always pack my nappies from home, I know I don't have to try and find suitable ones in a different country.

4. Use a baby carrier or stroller for the airports.


Airports are busy and can be tricky to navigate with toddlers in tow. I prefer to use a carrier so I have my hands free, but if your toddler doesn't like being carried use a stroller. Look up the airports online that you will be travelling through and see if they have any child play areas or playgrounds. Some of the playgrounds in airports around the world are amazing and they are a great way to run off your toddler’s excess energy.

5. Load up the tablet or iPad with new apps.


If you find new fun apps they haven't seen before, they are more likely to be entertained and interested for longer.

6. Pack new toys that they haven't seen before.


Before travelling with any of my kids, I always pack a travel pack. I fill the travel pack with toys, snack and activities they haven't seen before.  If you look at your local department store, you will find a heap of little toys that will keep them entertained.

7. Bring foods from home.


Toddlers can be fussy when they are used to their normal food. You don't want a hungry toddler on your hands if they refuse to eat the airline food. If you don't have a fussy toddler make sure you order the child meal when checking in.

8. Do not keep toddlers awake pre-travel, let them sleep when they would normally sleep.


I know some people you talk to will recommend keeping your toddler awake prior to travelling, but I would never recommend that. I can't think of anything worse then travelling with an overtired and upset toddler.

9. If you are travelling long haul, try and travel overnight when your toddler would normally be sleeping.


We have flown a few long haul flights and we have had some success travelling during sleep times.

10. Relax and have fun!


They aren't toddlers forever. There is something amazing about watching toddlers explore their new surroundings.  Take lots of photos so you can talk about their travels when they are older.


Check out Oh So Busy Mum online for other awesome information about keeping your little ones entertained on those long holidays. 


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What is the most important luggage feature for you when travelling with a young family?  Tell us in the comments below. 

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