11 Signs You Need A Holiday


Is it Christmas yet?  

1. You haven’t posted a pic in forever because there is nothing Insta worthy in your life

The last six months consists of 3 photos of coffee, a blurry snap from after work drinks and a throwback to your last holiday.


2. You are well and truly aware you are addicted to coffee, but you’ve accepted it.

You’re no longer ashamed to say you need a coffee when you wake up, when you get to work, at morning tea, pre-lunch, post-lunch and mid-afternoon. There’s nothing like feeling jittery and anxious to make the day interesting.


3. Your tan has faded so much, you’re no longer just pale, you’re grey.

Sayonara watch tan, thong tan and bikini tan. You are currently all one colour and that colour resembles the moon.


4. You rehearse arguments with people in the shower.

Nothing gets you more pumped for a hectic day than planning exactly what you are going to say when that person pushes in line at the coffee shop.


5. Speaking of Barista’s, are they aware are just how important you and your coffee order are?

Waiting 10 minutes to get your 3rd coffee fix of the day should be illegal!


6. You see more of the outdoors on TV than in real life

No matter how much you want to believe it, watching David Attenborough doco’s while in a Doona burrito doesn’t actually count as ‘experiencing the great outdoors’.


7. Your sense of humour has already taken a holiday and left you behind to feed the cat and water the plants

You used to enjoy a good joke more than anything, now you can only stare blankly at the joke teller and hope they stop talking asap


8. You have to resist screaming at tourists with suitcases on the train

Or alternatively, begging them to take you with them


9. It’s casual Friday at work and you’re wearing your loudest Hawaiian shirt and thongs – dress code be damned!

They say you should dress for the job you want – you’ve got your hopes pinned on the role of Executive Sun Lounger and Cocktail drinker at a tropical beach resort.


10. You’re so tired that if you sit still for more than 20 minutes, you’ll fall asleep.

Boring meetings and the bus trip home are fraught with danger.


11. Average workday situations really get you down

There’s no staples in the stapler, the IT department are being unhelpful yet again (I’ve already turned it on and off again!!) and Simon from Logistics has just announced he’s quitting and moving to Hawaii.


12. You catch a whiff of sunscreen and it instantly takes you back to your last holiday to Bali, you smile, then cry.

They say smell evokes the strongest scent of nostalgia – why couldn’t it have the powers of transportation?


If you’ve recognised yourself in any of these, book a holiday ASAP! But before you flit off, make sure you pack your stuff into an American Tourister suitcase!

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