15 of the best travel hacks to get you sorted for your next trip


We've gathered the best collection of travel hacks we could find to share with you to help you #takeontheworld!


  1. Clear your cookies


Accommodation and flight booking websites track you wherever you go, so any searches you do before booking your trip will be saved to their memory. Clear your cookies or browse in private mode when making your purchases to save being stung an extra amount!

2. Carry on only


This is definitely easier when you’re going on a short trip or tropical holiday, as big bulky ski jackets and a months’ worth of undies take up a fair bit of space. But taking only carry on saves time and money! Do your best to get everything into a carry on case + personal item like a handbag or small backpack and you’ll be off the plane and onto your adventure much quicker!

3. Accommodation options


There’s so many options out there now instead of a hotel! We all know about AirBnB – which allows you stay in people’s homes or a room in their homes, but there are plenty of other options as well. is great for booking whole homes, allows you to stay on others couch or spare bed, lets you stay in someone’s home while they show you how the locals live and lets you vacation in someone else’s home while they stay in yours!

4. Roll your clothes!


Rolling your clothes into neat little tubes provides so much more space when packing, and it allows you to see easily what you have when choosing an outfit. You can even roll underwear and other small items into shoes or inside other items such as t-shirts to save space.

5. Back it up!


Scan all your important travel info like passport, itinerary, transport tickets etc and email them to yourself so you have a copy. If you are an iPhone user, you can open the email and then save the document into iBooks so you have an offline copy. You can use the TripIt app to do a similar thing!

6. Tell your bank, duh.


Make sure you inform your bank that you will be travelling, as a transaction from a different country all of a sudden could lead them to shutting down your access due to suspicious activity. Most banks have overseas travel tabs on their apps which makes it super easy.

7. Get shopping.


Pop into the local grocery store when you arrive. Apart from being super fun and interesting to see what cool items they have, it’s also a way cheaper and more convenient alternative to stock up on snacks and water, rather than purchasing them on the fly.

8. When in Rome...


While you may be in Indonesia rather than Italy, is important to observe and follow local customs. Don’t be a stubborn traveller and ignore general standards of dress or decency because that’s how you live back home. You’re here to experience this country, so act like a local.

9. Power cord power move


Store as many power cords as you can fit in an old sunglasses case. That way they are all together in the one place and won’t get tangled up through the rest of your luggage.

10. Plan your plane outfit carefully


Especially if you are only taking carry on! Wear your heaviest pair of shoes – usually boots onto the plane as well as any big coats, and if you have to, wear a couple of extra layers. You might be sweating but you’ll save on extra baggage costs.

11. Prepare for the unexpected!


Imagine this – you’ve just stepped off the plane into beautiful Buenos Aires and you make your way to the baggage carousel, only for your bag to never turn up! Turns out your bag took a left at Santiago while you carried on and will take 3 days to be delivered to you. Bring several pairs of underwear and a change of clothes just in case.

12. Pack your shoes in the bottom of your bag


Shoes are usually the heaviest items you take and packing them in the bottom of your bag closest to the wheels makes the case bottom heavy so there is no chance of tip-overs. It also prevents all your clothes and other items getting squished by your heavy shoes.

13. The six block rule


We didn’t come up with it, and the exact number of blocks can be elastic but follow this rule and you should be golden. Never eat within 6 blocks of a major tourist site because the food will be double the price and not that good.

14. The Magic Combination


You’re obviously not dumb but just I’m just repeating this for anyone who maybe hasn’t heard it before. Switch Airplane Mode on your phone as soon as you have to on the plane, and then leave it on for the rest of your trip! This is a failsafe way to stop outrageous data roaming charges. Turn on WiFi when you’re back on the ground and you’re good to go!

15. Download your maps


In order to get yourself around while you’ve got Airplane Mode on and when you’re out of WiFi, download Google Maps of the area’s you’ll be travelling. Here’s how:

• When you’re connected to the internet, open Google Maps and search for the area you’ll be visiting.
• Press and hold on the map to drop a pin.
• Tap the options menu (three dots, top right), then select Download offline area. Select Download and it will be available offline.
• To see the downloaded map, all you have to do is pan around the main map and pinch to zoom in. You can view a list of your offline maps by tapping Menu (top left) > Offline areas.

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