5 Reasons Everyone You Know is Journeying to Japan


I don’t know about you but I know here at American Tourister every which way we turn it seems that someone else is off to Japan. Now this would make you wonder what all the fuss is about, but being one of the ones who has been to Japan, we know!

We know what an amazing destination it is, safe and easy for families, vibrant and fun for travellers! And because we love to keep you all updated on all things travel here are our top 5 reasons everyone you know is journeying to Japan.

1. The Cuisine (an obvious one sorry, but c’mon guys how GOOD is ramen)

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A green tea Kit Kat? We’ll take 10!

Chicken Karaage or KFC? We’ll take Karaage any day!

Japanese food ranges from the most traditional of dishes, cooked with precision and care to brightly packaged snacks straight from a vending machine. There is quite literally something for everyone and for those of you feeling adventurous there is a world of amazing foods to be discovered.

Here’s our tips of what you need to try whilst journeying around japan…

  • Black Sesame Ice Cream in Kyoto
  • Crepes from Takeshita-dori in Harajuku
  • Yaki Imo from Shinagawa, Tokyo
  • Hakata Ramen from Fukuoka


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Japan is pretty breezy to get around! The Japanese railway system is by far the best way to get around hands down, it’s punctual, quick and there are even the choice of either heated or cooled carriages depending on your preference.

And of course there are the bullet trains. At American Tourister we are all about making travel easier, so you can only imagine the joy a Shinkansen train brings us. Getting from one end of the country to the other in under two hours is bananas in the best way.

Other notable travel and transport things to consider:

  • Direct flights from Australia
  • Minimal time difference
  • You can forward your luggage ahead of you which is a game changer

Can we just mention how great bullet trains are again?

3. The Themed Cafes. Why wouldn’t you want to cuddle a cat with your cappuccino?

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Why even bother having a tall soy latte at a starbucks when you could have a meal in the shape of hello kitty? Japan is renowned for their themed and animal cafes and they are just as adorable and fun as they sound.

We’re just going to go right ahead and list some potential places to grab a bite to eat and let you do the rest!

  • Kawaii monster café
  • Ms Bunny café
  • Termai no Ouchi
  • Café de Miki (hello kitty)
  • Robot Restaurant
  • Auo Fishing Restaurant
  • Ninja Akasaka
  • Alcatraz E.R

4. The Attractions. From the hot spots to the hills, there are so many!


(There is literally too many good things to do in Japan, so we apologise in advance for this summary that just doesn’t fit it all in!)

There is no shortage of amazing things to do in Japan. One minute you’re in Nara feeding deer, the next minute you’re at Harry Potter World feeding yourself a Butter beer. Japan boasts the best of both the modern and natural worlds. There are a few places that allow you to wander through bamboo forests or a sea of cherry blossoms and then stumble straight into Disneyland (seriously how about those bullet trains).

If you feel like experiencing something off the beaten track why not try visiting:

  • The onsens and hotsprings in Hakone
  • Naoshima Art Island
  • Shirakawa-go UNESCO listed historic village
  • Mt. Kurama near Kyoto

5. The History. Shrines, Sumo wrestling and temples covered in gold!


You like history? Well boy oh boy does Japan have some good ol’ history for you! Get yourself a guide for a day to take you around the different historic gems each Japanese city has to offer. Learn about ancient Samurai’s and emperors, the tradition of kimono silk dying and the many sacred Buddhist temples around japan.

And for those of you who think history is boring, can we suggest ninja history? Because ninja is insanely cool.

Some of the top historic attractions include (but really there are SO many)

  • Itsukushima Shrine, Hiroshima
  • Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto
  • Hirosaki Castle, Aomori

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