14 Things That Make 2004 Seem Like Ancient History

Because who wan't to sleep in a boring bed anyway? 

Four poster? Duck down doona? Ugh, regular hotel rooms are so passé. Time to shake things up next time you venture on a holiday and settle for the irregular. Make the time you spend in your room just as fun as the time you spend taking on a new city, with a crazy room that will surely be a memorable sleepover.

Sewer Drain Rooms


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Located in the rear of Berne Park, Germany, The Park Hotel serves up a small room with a quirky nature. Competing as one of the smallest hotel rooms in the world, this hotel sees you sleeping the night in a barrel, fit for one double bed and minimal storage. Weird yet wonderful, we suggest this is best for those who enjoy the simpler things in life.

Hogwarts Rooms


The Georgian Hotel in London offers guests the chance to experience life as if they were in the  magical land of Hogwarts. With spell books and school trunks littering the floor, and magical details that true fans of the series will love, this is a must see for die-hard Potter-heads!

Vrrroom Rooms



If you are a motor enthusiast, you'll love the V8 Hotel. With room themes including Route 66, Car Wash, Race Day and Drive In Cinema, exploring these rooms will keep you entertained for hours!

Plane Hotel

Hotel-Costa-Verde-727-Fuselage-in-Costa-Rica-1 plane

You've just got off the plane in Costa Rica and the next thing you know, you are back in a plane again. But the restored 1965 vintage Boeing 727 which makes up the body of Costa Verde is not your regular plane. It's picturesque location and furnished interior is awe-striking!

Coffin Beds

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Dead tired? Step into Propeller Island City Lodge, a hotel which has rooms so bizarre you may never return to a normal bedroom again. One of it's most interesting rooms on offer allow guests to rest their weary bodies in a coffin. Creepy and Gothic, a stay in the "Gruft room" is a once in a life time experience, until.... you know.

Caveman Room

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Still interested in sleeping 6 feet under? Why not do it with a little more freedom to move. Mira Mira accommodation in Victoria offers guests to sleep underground in a cave. Imaginative and exciting, this bed and breakfast stays cool in the warmer months and is perfect for a romantic getaway.


Disney Rooms





Stay the night under the sea, in the heart of Africa or even in Aladdin's magical chamber in Disney's Art of Animation Resort. Taking the themes of some of Disney's most famous stories and turning them into living quarters, this is truly a magical experience.

Ice room



Be sure to pack your winter woolies while staying at Hotel de Glace in Quebec City. With over 40 rooms reaching sub-zero temperatures you'll want to make sure you are prepared for a chilly night in these ice cabins.

Have you every stayed in a wacky hotel room? What was your experience?

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