Hold the phone! Here's 8 travel apps that will change the way you travel!

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You’ve got your Uber’s, Airbnb’s, WhatsApp’s, and TripAdvisor’s but what other apps are out there to help you on your travels?

1. For Flights- Hopper

You’ve worked out where you want to go, you’ve worked out when the boss is least likely to notice your absence. But what you’re still trying to work out is how to get the cheapest flights possible, so you’ll have extra $$$ to buy your mum a rushed gift at duty free!

Introducing Hopper the airline booking app of your dreams. Hopper uses data (snore) to predict what the cheapest flight is for you and when the best time to buy it will be, it then lets you book the flight from your phone (wooohooo)!

It’s free, award winning and saves you time and money! You’re welcome.


2. For Planning- Tripit

So your flights are booked, now it’s time to make plans. Throw away that daily planner, it’s weighing you down! Get Tripit instead. Tripit is here to make your holiday planning so bloody easy!

It collects and collates all your booking emails and transforms them into an itinerary. You can then access this itinerary from any of your devices and the app will send you alerts so you don’t miss a thing. Offline, no worries! You can still access it. And while you’re at it you can share your personalised itinerary with your mates, lovers or nana. And yeah, it’s free!


3. For Packing- PackPoint

We’ll admit that we are over packers. Our Curio Cases tend to be overflowing with swimsuits, when we’re off to Iceland…in winter. We just like to be prepared okay! But now you can palm the responsibility of responsible packing off to an app, PackPoint to be exact.

You tell PackPoint where you are going, when you are going and what you are going to do and PackPoint provides you with a checklist of what you need to take! The app will take into account if you’re travelling for business or for fun, it will advise you based on weather forecasts, and takes into account what activities you’ve got planned!


4. For Getting Around- Waze

Okay so you’re on holidays. You’re feeling relaxed, so chill, you might take a drive and see the sights. Then bam, TRAFFIC! SO MUCH TRAFFIC! If only that traffic could have been avoided, surely there must be a waze.

Waze (see what I did back there?) the world’s largest community traffic and navigation app, provides you with real time traffic information from the drivers around you. Avoid bad roads, bad traffic, accidents and road work, as well being able to find the cheapest petrol stations around! If that doesn’t help prolong your holiday buzz then what will?


5. For Staying Dry- AccuWeather

You’ve packed appropriately for your holiday for once (thanks PackPoint). The next challenge is knowing what to expect when you walk out your hotel door. Well thank goodness for AccuWeather! This app has the classic weather app functions from 5-15 day forecasts, but what it does differently is it provides GPS targeting and minute by minute forecasts as well.

So now you won’t get caught out in Kanazawa, in a snow storm, when all you wanted to do was go for a walk and find the local Starbucks (a sad but true tale).


6. For Communicating- Google Translate

Communicating with people is hard enough when you both speak the same language, so when you don’t speak the native tongue things tend to be decidedly more difficult. Gesturing and staring at someone willing them to understand you with your mind only gets you so far. And it is when this fails that Google Translate comes in handy!

Google Translate can convert words, phrases and short sentences into other languages, and can then read this out in your chosen language. Not only that but you can use your camera to translate signs, labels and text! ’10 more scoops of gelato please’ has never been so easily communicated!


7. For Splitting Pesky Group Expenses- Splittr

Maths is hard. It’s not just us, we know you think it’s hard too. And the last thing you want to be doing on holidays is working out what is owed to who. Well now there is an app that will tell you exactly how much that one friend owes you, because yes they are totally buying less rounds than you!

Splittr allows you to put in your expenses as you go, and it tells you who is next to pay and who owes who! Multiple people can access it and it’s available offline. It’s free, supports all currencies and you can download your trip expenses as a spreadsheet or PDF if you are that way inclined.


8. For Having a Good Time- Cool Cousin

You’ve seen the sights, you’ve seen one old building and you get it, it’s really old! But now you’re ready to go off the beaten track and do what the locals do. Well Cool Cousin is an app that not only has a great name but also lets you explore cities as recommended by someone who actually lives there!

The app connects you with a local (a cousin) who shares similar interests as you, this cousin then recommends their favourite spots and personalised advice about what to see and do! Not only that but you can become a cool cousin too, and return the favour to people visiting your home town!

cool cousin

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