How to pack for a camping music festival

How to pack for a camping music festival

Looking your best while sleeping in a field and dealing with flooded tents, cold nights and hot days can be tough! Blogger and Stylist Alyce Cowell is here to help out with some great tips on how to look stylin' when you haven't showered for three days.    


So you’ve got tickets for a music festival that will have you camping under the stars – lucky you! Are you staying close to home and heading to Splendour in the Grass or Falls Festival, or travelling to the other side of the world in the name of Coachella, Lollapalooza or Glastonbury? Packing is hard at the best of times, but packing for a music festival, and camping, is a whole other level. Here are my best tips to make getting ready in your tent a walk in the park.

Plan, plan, plan

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If there’s one thing you shouldn’t do, it’s leave your festival outfits til the last minute. Start thinking of these three months before by browsing your favourite stores and purchasing items online (this will give you enough time to try them on and exchange if you need to). Keep the season in mind if you’re heading overseas – it will be tricky buying for a summer festival right in the middle of our winter! This is where international stores online come in handy.

And then plan some more

Once you have your festival outfits sorted, it’s time to plan your pack. Other than your outfits, what else will you need for your camping music festival? Some things I always take include a portable phone charger, a wide-brim fedora or boater hat, ear plugs and an eye mask, thick socks, a raincoat, dry shampoo and as many baby wipes as my suitcase will carry. Make a list and begin to pack!

Pack smart

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Don’t just throw everything you’re taking in and shut the lid! Instead, start with the items you’ll need last (your outfit for the day you leave) on the bottom and have the items you’ll need first on top (toiletries, your first outfit etc). If you don’t sort your suitcase before you arrive, your belongings will be all over the tent in five minutes.

Take a suitcase and a carry-on

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Planning some more travel before or after the festival? My favourite tip is to pack my festival gear in my carry-on (Bon Air 55cm), which can sit next to my mattress in the tent. Then I leave my big suitcase (Bon Air 75cm) with everything else in the car. Voila! You can thank me later.

Make it easy on your future self

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There’s nothing worse than arriving at your next destination (or worse yet, home with a serious case of post-holiday blues) and having to sort your washing from the big mess that is your suitcase. As you wear your outfits, bikinis etc, pop them in a plastic bag in a separate part of your suitcase. This way, you know exactly what you have left to wear (read: what’s still clean!) and it makes it super easy when it’s time to do the laundry at your hostel or hotel.


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