Meeting Cristiano Ronaldo in Madrid with American Tourister


How crazy the year 2018 has been for me. I was invited by American Tourister Australia to meet Cristiano Ronaldo in Madrid, Spain, along with 18 other bloggers and YouTubers from around the world.

This year, I was given a wonderful opportunity to meet Cristiano and to gift him something quintessentially Australian. As part of the #bringbackmore campaign by American Tourister...

It was a challenge to choose something that is uniquely Aussie. I had an American Tourister competition on Instagram to ask my followers what they think is Aussie. I had hundreds of comments, from Tim Tams to Golden Gay Time. The standard boomerang, koala bear and kangaroo souvenir. And even something a little bit crazy, a koala onesie. However, the verdict is hands down Vegemite!

Happy days at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. Photo by Leon Korobacz.

I grew up watching football (or how Aussies would say it, "soccer") with my dad, and we used to stay up late just to catch the live matches on FIFA. I guess that would be our father and daughter bonding time.

To be able to walk and explore Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, where Cristiano's team, Real Madrid played and won many championships is an amazing experience. The stadium itself is massive, seats 81K people! There is a line of hardcore fans, queuing up to get into Santiago Bernabéu Museum.

We were all caught by surprise when we were taken to the locker room and given customised Real Madrid jerserys. We were all given this once in a lifetime chance to play on the football field! UNREAL!

Our group was given one chance to score a goal and the best price was a Real Madrid football. Well, my ball didn't make it to the goal post (about 1 meter away). At least, I gave my very best!


We stayed in this beautiful hotel in the city of Madrid. It was art deco inspired with funky furnishings. It was a perfect setup for American Tourister's colourful suitcases!

I had an amazing time connecting with like-minded people. So, thank you once again, American Tourister for bringing us together!

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