Packing Hacks for a Healthy Holiday

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Travel and health don't always go hand in hand, but fear not! Nudge those croissants and bratwursts aside and engorge on these tips from The Fit Traveller.    

Packing Hacks for a Healthy Holiday

 When most of us empty out the contents of our wardrobe on a mission to put together a series of picture perfect holiday outfits, training gear is generally squeezed in as an after thought. But packing properly could mean the difference between blowing months of pre-holiday prep or coming home relaxed without having to battle the post-holiday buffet bulge.


Carefully Curate your Case

I sort my American Tourister Bon Air into sections depending on the occasion. My workout wear takes pride of place in one corner of the main body of the suitcase. They are the first items I see and set up while settling into my hotel room, so training is automatically at the forefront of my mind and I’m more likely to jump straight in. My other high-traffic items like denim shorts, tees, sandals and toiletries sit to the other side for easy access. Delicates and evening wear stays protected in the upper section of the case.

Choose Double Duty Activewear

The line between activewear and street wear is now well and truly blurred, making it much easier to edit down your wardrobe by taking double duty outfits. Wearing training gear on the plane is a clever way to save space in your suitcase while keeping you comfortable over the long haul. I often wear SKINS recovery tights on flights. They are super comfortable and help boost circulation to reduce stiffness when you touch down at your destination. Compression and Dri fit clothing also rolls easily into the corner of your case and can be washed by hand, taking just a few hours to dry, so you only need to take a couple of pairs of tights. The plethora of pretty and practical sneakers available now also makes a pair of light and bright kicks the obvious travelling choice for exercising and exploring.


Carry a Travel Training Kit

Throw in a skipping rope. Skipping is a really easy and fast way to burn fat and tone your body while travelling. Skipping for just 10 minutes burns about 135 calories and requires a small space. Resistance bands are also the perfect travel training tool. You can perform an endless number of exercises using the bands from the comfort of your hotel room. I also carry a GoPro in a water resistant case too so I can snap pics while out hiking and running. It is compact and it doesn’t matter if I get caught in the rain or hold it in sweaty hands. I also like to wear a training watch to keep track of the time and have the GPS track my route. A small belt or bumbag is a practical way to carry your essentials like a room key, phone, coffee money or camera. I use a SpiBelt ( It is flexible and stretches out to fit everything I need. It sits under a training sweater and it is extremely comfortable to wear.


App it up!

Training apps help you maintain a fun and challenging training routine while on holiday. My favourite app at the moment is ClassPass ( By paying a monthly fee you can access thousands of fitness spaces around the world. Try out everything from Barre to CrossFit while in a new city without paying expensive one-off entry fees or committing to a single studio. I use Map My Run ( to help to navigate a safe running route around a new city. It means I can enjoy the sights on the run rather than stopping to check a cumbersome paper map on every street corner. High Intensity Interval Training is one of my favourite travel workouts too, so I use a free interval timer app to time out my intervals. You can find holiday training tips on The Fit Traveller too of course!


Pack Snacks

I always carry some good quality, natural protein powder in my suitcase. I also carry a small hand held blender which weighs about the same amount as a hair dryer. Carrying a blender means I can whip up a breakfast or post-workout smoothie virtually anywhere. It reduces the risk of raiding the mini bar or overdoing it in the lounge. I also buy up on raw nuts, coconut water, beef jerky or other healthy snacks whenever I come across a health food store.


Skye Gilkeson is a journalist and a health, wellness and luxury travel expert. She is the Founder and Editor of The Fit Traveller, an online hub showcasing the best in wellness, gastronomy, fashion and luxury travel from around the globe. Follow her on InstagramTwitter or Facebook for more tips, tricks and healthy travel inspiration.

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