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Today we're bringing you some valuable packing tips from Sydney-based designer, queen of flatlays and lover of sweet snacksHello Miss May. Take it away, May...

I travel quite a bit, at least 10 times a year. Whether it's interstate, between cities in Australia for meetings, shoots and design markets or flying into a new country.

Here's a couple of tips for packing:

1. Travel light

2. Be organised (e.g. packing pouches)

3. Place larger clothing at the bottom of suitcase (e.g. jacket and throw)

Travel light

I generally pack a number of outfits based on per week not on a number of days you're away (I usually do my laundry every week)

Be organised


I used to have random tote bags and plastic bags to separate smaller clothing items from cables and toiletries.

I used to roll my clothes up and pack them into the suitcase. Until one of my photographer friends introduced me to packing pouches. That's when I discovered this  5-in-1 Travel Pouch by American Tourister.

These travel pouches are the best things I ever had! Life saver in every way.

It comes in a set of 5 travel pouches to organise all your essentials. My favourite has got to be the Garment and Undergarment Bag and Shoe Bag where I can separate my clothings and footwear. My husband, Leon, loves the Cable Pouch as we could get all our tech gadget's chargers and cables all into one bag.

Watch the stop-motion video below

In this flatlay, I'm using the new Curio collection by American Tourister. Yellow and bright. I love this colour as it is almost impossible for me not to miss my suitcase at the luggage pickup area.

Hope that helps :)

Have a fab week all.



2 thoughts on “Packing Tips by Hello Miss May for American Tourister”

  • Chris Collins

    Please provide me with clear instructions on how to set up the lock on my 3165211 American Tourister Applite 3.0 71cm suitcase purchased 10th April 2018 at Strandbags Chatswood Sydney Australia. Ref no 02780000002739.

    • James

      Hi Chris,

      You can find instructions here

      Feel free to email or call 1800 331 690 for further assistance.



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