The Best Street Eats from Around the Globe!


Once upon a time, street foods were what you were cautioned against by tour guides, forced to merely watch as locals scoffed down delicious, mysterious platefuls. Well not anymore!

We’ve all seen that street food Masterchef challenge, we’ve all sat through the standard hotel breakfast buffet, and we simply refuse to miss out any longer!

If it’s good enough for the locals then by golly we want to know what all the fuss is about! So to get you fully prepared for your next foodie getaway, here are our top picks for some of the unmissable street eats from around the globe (just a small portion of them)!

Tokyo, Japan- Taiyaki

In our opinion one of Japan’s sweetest street snacks, Taiyaki is a fish shaped cake, usually filled with either red bean paste, custard, cheese, chocolate or if you’re lucky, ice-cream. They make a frequent appearance at food courts and festivals, especially around Tokyo. A bowl of ramen followed by one of these - trust us, you can’t go wrong!


Miami, USA- Frita

In America, you know you’re going to have an abundance of street foods to choose from, but put down that hotdog, throw away that pumpkin pie and get down to Miami to get yourself a Frita! This Cuban burger made up of a beef and pork patty, topped with shoestring fries, onion and spiced ketchup, may not be pretty, but boy oh boy is it good!


Zurich, Switzerland- Brezel

Now these aren’t like your American pretzels, Brezels from Switzerland are large, soft and chewy (music to our ears)! They are often accompanied by a range of toppings or stuffed with cheese (again, music to our ears). So next time you swing by Switzerland pop on a pair of skis, grab a brezel and you’re on your way to a good time!


Hanoi, Vietnam- Ca’ Phe Trung

I bet you thought we were going to suggest to try a big steaming bowl of Pho or to tuck into a delicious, crisp Banh Mi. Well we’ll stop you right there, because while both those things are delcious, we were actually going to suggest you try a Vietnamese egg coffee. Yeah you heard us, an EGG COFFEE! Think a cadbury crème egg, with a cafeinated twist, delicious!


Hong Kong- Egg Waffles (with an Italian twist)

You may have seen the odd egg waffle (what is it with this blog post and eggs?) pop up at your local trendy café. That’s because these delicious fluffy, golden cakes are DELICIOUS. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Hong Kong hot spots have started serving them with an Italian twist, gelato. Why not give a chocolate chip egg waffle, with banana gelato, 66% dark chocolate and passionfruit pannacotta a go?


Are you hungry for your next trip yet? Make sure you leave room in your case to bring us back something delicious!

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