12 Places to lose the iPhone and get off the grid


Walking down the street while staring at your phone, getting on the bus home from a full day at work or uni staring at a computer, and what is that you're doing? Staring at your phone! The time comes for all of us for a tech detox. We’ve gathered a list of the best places to wean yourself from the tech, one #likeforlike at a time.


1. Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia


There’s nothing like getting lost in your own backyard, figuratively, of course. Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island and a World Heritage listed area located off the central coast of Queensland. Getting there requires a 4 hour drive from Brisbane and a barge from the coast to the island. Be sure to butter up your mate with a 4WD - Fraser has no roads, only sand tracks! Along with more sand than you’ve ever seen, Fraser Island is home to beautiful freshwater lakes, rain forests and beaches. Accommodation is mostly camping, although there are a small number of lodges and holiday houses for rent.

2. Glen Coe, Scottish Highlands, Scotland


If you’ve ever had the urge to impersonate James Bond, Glen Coe in the Scottish Highlands will provide the most epic backdrop. With a volcanic origin, the Glen has had a long and checkered history but now is home to a number of walkers, climbers and skiers – depending on the month. Apart from a few scattered farms, the only accommodation is at a few pubs or hostels in the town of Glen Coe where tales of a day climbing the crags are way more entertaining than scrolling Facey.

3. Chumbe Island Coral Park, Zanzibar, Tanzania


When just getting to an island requires walks through seaweed and reefs, you know its going to be good. Chumbe Island Coral Park is a private nature reserve off the coast of Zanzibar with only 7 bungalows and no electricity at all! After a day of snorkeling in the coral park, home to 400 species of tropical fish and 200 types of coral, you can return to your bungalow for dinner served up by candlelight.

4. Adirondacks, Upstate New York


Ok, so its not that remote, and if you’ve got international roaming, your phone will still work. But there’s something special about being cocooned away from the big bustling city while still being able to get back there within a few hours. Head to the Adirondacks region for all the bike riding, hiking, kayaking and sitting around a fire you can handle. Accommodation ranges from luxury resorts to camping, but cosying up in a (budget) friendly B&B is the best way to experience the area.

5. Outback Australia


It’s big, red and there’s not many places more remote than the Outback. Basing yourself in Alice Springs is best for those short on time or budget (or both), and allows you to experience many different sides of the Outback in only a few days. Take a camel tour, walk through the Alice Springs Desert Park and top it all off with dinner at Red Ochre Grill for some traditional bush tucker.

6. Emerald Lake, British Columbia, Canada


If you need some perspective on the insignificance of your Twitter feud, you’ll find it at Emerald Lake. Literally breath-taking, the bright green water and snow capped mountains serve as a reminder to take time to breathe and appreciate the beauty of nature. There’s heaps of accommodation in nearby Field, but staying in a cabin will provide you with the real Canadian experience.

7. Hoshi Onsen Chojukan, Japan


The Japanese are renowned as the masters of Zen and living a life full of balance. Visiting a traditional Ryokan (hotel) and Onsen (Spa or Hot Spring) are musts to maintain your inner Buddha. Getting there from Tokyo involves a number of transfers, but this Ryokan is one of the last before the mountain ranges and has a river running through the grounds, so it’s definitely worth it. Take a few days to hang out in a yukata (traditional robe), drink tea on the tatami mats and let your stress melt away.

8. Punta Placer, Oaxaca, Mexico


Punta Placer is a small resort on the southern Pacific Coast of Mexico made up of 5 bungalows. Located on San Augustillino beach, the rooms have no phones, computers or TVs. This is the perfect place to drink from a coconut in a gently swaying hammock.

9. Denali National Park, Alaska


About 4 hours from major city Fairbanks, Denali National Park is the real deal. Its home to Mt. McKinley and the continent’s highest peaks, along with glacial rivers and the tundra. There’s also lots of wildlife to see including Moose, Caribou and Grizzly Bears. Stay near the park entrance for easy access to tour companies and information – vital in the Alaskan wilderness.

10. Idylle Beach, Madagascar


Idylle Beach is located off the north-east coast of Madagascar on the island of Sainte Marie. If an island paradise sounds like the perfect place to forget the sound of your email notifications, then this is the place. The hotel features a restaurant and lounge bar directly on the beach, and rooms with a view out over the Indian Ocean. The property has Wifi, but hit up the hotel’s library for a great beach read.

11. Bagan, Myanmar


Ancient temples fine mural paintings, brilliant stucco carvings, and Buddha images abound in Bagan, the capital of the first dynasty of Myanmar. Take a step back and read through some of the history of the area, without Googling it! Hire a bike to get around and be immersed in a place that almost feels like it hasn’t changed since it was built.

 12. Papua New Guinea    


Diverse, cultural and largely still wild, Papua New Guinea is really going off the grid. From capital city Port Moresby, there are hundreds of islands that lie north and east of the mainland, with sparkling white-sand beaches, coral reefs and jungles teeming with wildlife. Book a tour through the rainforest to take you through volcanic mountains and to witness a “sing-sing”, where tribal groups in elaborate headdresses chant to the sound of pounding drums.

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