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Some luggage brands obsess over the wrong things. They prioritise weight and looks over quality and features, all while charging you too much for travel gear. At American Tourister, we’ve been making luggage for over 85 years. We exist to create amazing products for all types of travellers.

We do super light, without sacrificing features. We do smart, without the huge price tag. We do big space, so you can fit more in without going over the weight limit.

Got travel plans? Take a deep dive into American Tourister’s airline-approved luggage and be ready for your next adventure.

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We measure the volume of our luggage using the pellet method, which is the gold standard in accuracy. We fill the case with pellets and then measure them separately to ensure our claims are spot on. Other brands simply add up the dimensions, leading to inaccurate claims.

We also provide a truly global 10-year warranty, so you can travel worry-free. When you add all this up, we still reckon American Tourister makes the best luggage in the world!

Browse our site to discover a world of choice, with a range of products designed to suit your needs. Luggage shopping can be tricky, but we're here to help. Get in touch via social, email or phone to share our passion for luggage and travel. Or, visit your local luggage shop to speak with an expert.

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